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Fees & Payments
_ Payment is required before or at the time of the delivery. 
 * Yes, this all applies to everyone, even if we know you and you are our favorite client!
_ If you're paying with a card we need your card info at the time your final count is due       ( 5 days prior to your event) & we will run it through a few days before.
 * Yes, this all applies to everyone, even if we know you and you are our favorite client!
               We's funny we even have to keep saying this right? 
_Food payment can be made in cash, check or card..  Checks made to: Bella Cucina
_ The final food count is due 5 days prior to the event. 
   Your final count can possibly increase but please not decrease. .
_ Servers are to be paid the night of your event in cash
_ Please be advised, If your venue charges us a catering fee,
  that fee will be added directly to your invoice or you can pay them directly.

Ordering Information
_Some of our hot/cold appetizers are best when baked or assembled by yourself or a
  Bella Cucina Server.  We are happy to help you make the perfect selections for your        individual needs and event.
_ We do not sell items a la cart. 
_ We do not book out farther than 12-14 months.   

How does it work if we just want our food delivered?
_Our delivery service includes delivery to your destination and the set up of food purchased    from Bella Cucina in the pans they arrive in. We deliver your food in our warmers to keep    it hot & delicious. Once received, it is your responsibility to keep it warm. If it will be sitting    out more than 30 minutes, we recommend using wire chaffing racks and sterno heat.
  We have sets available for $20.00 each
_ If using your own chaffing racks have them ready (with water pan, water and sterno) for
   us to place the food directly into. 
_A delivery cost applies to all deliveries. 
  The cost depends on destination/difficulty of the delivery.
_We strive to be exactly on time to the second but sometimes "stuff happens" so we ask      that you allow a 10-15 minute margin of error when choosing your delivery time just in case. 
_If you like your deliverer, shoot them a tip.  It is never included & greatly appreciated.

What is included if we would like Bella Cucina Servers for our event?
_ To help make your event a memorable occasion we offer our Bella Cucina
  professional servers. Uniformed, pleasant and efficient they will assist with your event       from start to finish.  
_ With servers comes the use of our chaffers, serving trays etc.  
_ We ask you provide the buffet tables and have them clothed.
   We will bring greenery/accent decor to make it pretty. We don't throw it out like a
   chow line!
_ We will help determine the number of servers needed for your event.
_ Servers are $120.00/per server (for 4 hours). 
_ Service out of town (Joliet) will also require a travel fee.

Taxes & Gratuity
_ 9.75% sales tax will be added to all food & beverages.
_We do not add a 18-20% gratuity like many other caterers. 
  Tipping is optional & greatly appreciated.  We work hard to make your day special.

Do you do Tastings/Meetings?  
  Every inch of our little shop is an operating kitchen and we simply do not have room.
  Also everything is homemade and it just is not cost and time efficient for us to do tastings. 
  We can supply references if you would like.

_We do not provide or work with rentals/real dishes.
_ We only work with Upscale Disposables due to our Servers health & safety and because     some venues just dont accommodate them well. This includes plates, flatware and drinking   glasses. 
_ Certain venues we work with offer their own service staff to work with your rentals. 
   If you go this route we can just handle our food.

Paper Goods?
Paper goods are included in the pricing of the all menus except Sweet Endings
and Hors D'oeuvres.  For larger events you are welcome to pick up the papergoods before your event to set it up early if you like.
_ Our breakfast & lunch menus include:
   white disposable styrofoam plates and utensil packets (which include a fork. knife,
   napkin, s&p.
_Our Elegant Dinner Buffet Menu includes Upscale Scalloped Edge Clear Disposable plates,     Eating utensils and Napkins

We can supply paper goods for the following costs:
Dessert: Upscale clear acrylic plate, napkin and fork   $35.00/per 50 guests
Appetizer: Upscale clear acrylic plates & napkins   $65.00/per 50 guests
Chaffing Sets: rack, water pans and 2 canned heat | $18.99