Classic Bruschetta Tray
served with garlic crostinis  
50/$50.00  |  100/$100.00

Caprese Crostinis
fresh mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes with a balsamic reduction drizzle.
50/$65.00 |  100/$130.00

Apricot & Blue Cheese Canapés (gf)
50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Antipasto Platter
cauliflower, broccoli, pepper strips, cherry tomatoes, green and black olives & cheeses chilled in our homemade garlicky herb antipasto marinade.
Let us know if you would like us to omit cheese to make this Vegan
$85.00/serves approx. 50

Italian Lollipops (gf)
Fresh mozzarella, olive, and tomato with a balsamic drizzle  
50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Fiesta Pinwheels
a tortilla smeared with a southwest cream cheese & veggies.
50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Caramelized Bacon Bites
50/$65.00  |  100/$130.00

Elegant Charcuterie Tray 
a variety of cheeses, meats, nuts, olives, jam, dried & fresh fruits 
with a fancy cracker assortment 
 $125.00 (serves approx. 25-30)

Bloody Mary Shrimp Swizzles (gf)                                                  
jumbo shrimp, olive & celery marinated in your favorite Sunday fun-day cocktail!   
50/$125.00 | 100/$250.00

Grinder Picks (gf)
a pimento stuffed olive, pepperoncini, hard salami & mozzarella cheese, 
skewered with an herbed olive oil drizzle  50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Blue Moon Tartlets
flaky pastry cups filled with a prosciutto & blue cheese filling  50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Baja Shrimp Shooters (gf)
A jumbo shrimp nestled in a shot glass of pineapple salsa, garnished with fresh cilantro
50/$125.00  100/$250.00 
Cucumber Canapés (gf)
topped with herbed boursin
50/$60.00  100/$120.00

Our Signature
Stuffed Turkey 
Silver Dollar Sandwiches
turkey, homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce on a silver dollar roll.
Like Thanksgiving in a sandwich!  

Fresh Fruit Tray
honeydew melon, cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries & berries
with a vanilla romanoff fruit dip
$65.00/serves approx. 30

Garden Vegetable Tray  
crisp carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli & mini sweet peppers
served with a homemade dill dip  $65.00/serves approx., 30

Warm Hors D'oeuvers

Our Signature 
Bella Stuffed Mushrooms (gf)
stuffed with a blend of sausage, green onion and dried cherries.  
50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00
these do not hold well for long periods of time/best baked on site

Happy Hour Stuffed Mushrooms 
stuffed with herbs, wine, garlic and cheese 
50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00

Chicken & Waffle Shooters
with a warm maple bourbon syrup
50/$100.00 | 100/$200.00

Asiago Asparagus Bites 
asparagus tips wrapped in a buttery filo with asiago.  
50/$100.00 | 100/$200.00

Sausage Stars 
crispy won-ton cups filled with a blend of crumbled sausage, cheeses and herbs.  
50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Chicken Crunch Bites
with a honey mustard dipping sauce
50/$75.00 | 100/$150..00
Petite Quiche
Lorraine and Florentine
50 pcs/$60.00 | 100 pcs/$120.00

Our Signature
Cranberry Glazed Cocktail Meatballs
a Bella Cucina favorite   
50/$5500 | 100/$110.00

Spinach & Cheese Triangles 
spinach, feta and savory blend of herbs wrapped in buttery phyllo.
50/$60.00 | 100/$120.00

Brie Tartlets 
with raspberry preserves

50/$60.00 | 100/$120.00
only recommended for events with access to an oven.   

Mozzarella Cheese Puffs 
(best baked on site or at events with access to an oven)                                           50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Toasted Ham & Gruyere Silver Dollar Sandwiches
shaved ham & gruyere cheese baked in a sweet hawaiian roll. 

Mini White Castle Sliders

a cheesy blend of ground beef topped off with a pickle on a mini bun.

Beef Tenderloin Silver Dollars
Slow roasted tenderoin sliced and served on a silver dollar roll
with a honey mustard sauce on the side.

Spinach & Artichoke Spread 
served with crostinis
$85.00 | serves approx 35-40

Spicy Sausage Queso Dip 
served with tortilla chips
$85.00 | serves approx 35-40

"Mashed" Martini Bar
creamy mashed potatoes served in a single-use martini glass, that guests create their own masterpiece with, by adding their own toppings such as: gravy,
shredded cheese, crispy shallots, sour cream, butter.
Best executed with a server...…50 mashed martinis/$199.00 

Mac & Cheese Martini Bar
Homemade mac & cheese served in a single-use glass in with which guests create their own masterpiece by adding their own toppings such as hot cheetos, shredded cheese,
crushed potato chips, pulled pork & hot sauce.
Best executed with a server...…50 martinis/$199.00



"A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness in the kitchen" 
- Elsa Schiapirelli