Classic Bruschetta
marinated tomatoes, basil and herbs, served with garlic crostinis
(can be perfectly trayed for your convenience)
50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Southwest Pinwheels
 southwest spread smeared on a tortilla & topped with cheese, chilis, olives and tomatoes.
50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Caramelized Bacon Bites

Bite sized pastry cups filled with caramelized bacon.
50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Double Dippers
Crisp pepper, crunchy cucumber and carrot served in a little cup
with homemade dill dip or hummus 
50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Blue Moon Tartlets

flaky pastry cups filled with a prosciutto & blue cheese walnut filling 
50/$65.00 | 100/$130.

Fresh Fruit Tray

honeydew melon, cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon & strawberries

Whipped Feta with a warm honey drizzle
served with flatbreads

Garden Vegetable Tray
crisp carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli & mini sweet peppers
served with a homemade dill dip 

Grinder Picks (gf)
a pimento stuffed olive, pepperoncini, hard salami & mozzarella cheese, 
skewered with an herbed olive oil drizzle. 
50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00

Blackberry & Mozzarella Skewers (gf)
 with a balsamic honey drizzle.
50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00

Roquefort & Walnut Skewers (gf)
l mini roquefort cheese balls skewered with a grape. 
Unique and delish combo.
50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00

Italian Lollipops
fresh mozzarella, olive and tomato
brushed with a parmesan Italian herb glaze and skewered.
50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00

Antipasto Platter (gf)
a beautiful assortment of vegetables, cheese, olives and salami in a made in house marinade
(we can omit the salami to make this vegetarian)

Watermelon & Goat Cheese Canapes
a watermelon bite topped with a creamy goat cheese
50/$100.00 | 100/$200.00

Our Signature
Stuffed Turkey Silver Dollar Sandwiches
A dab of mayo, shaved turkey, homemade stuffing and a cranberry relish
atop a silver dollar roll.  Thanksgiving on a sandwich!

Mini Caprese Salads 
Grape tomato, marinated fresh mozzarella and a dollop of basil pesto
with an aged balsamic drizzle served in individual cups.

50/$125.00 | 100/$250.00

Santa Fe Shrimp Shots

jumbo shrimp nestles in a shot glass of fresh salsa.
50/$150.00 | 100/$300.00

Bloody Mary Shrimp Skewers
a jumbo shrimp, olive and celery bite skewered and marinated in a zesty bloody mary
50/$150.00 | 100/$300.00

Individual Salad Cups
a crisp salad served in an individual cup to your guests.
It includes a little bottle of salad dressing tucked in so they can dress it themselves. 
Choose from:
Bella salad with fresh parmesan and strawberries
Mandarin Salad with orange segments and sautéed walnuts or
Caesar Salad with croutons and parmesan
50/$200.00 | 100/$400.00

Individual 5 ouncemini charcuterie cups.
A mix of sweet and savory bites that guests can easily enjoy while mingling. 
Includes crackers, cheese and salami, fruit and a sweet treat. 
 50/$250.00 | 100/$500.00

*We also can do larger Char-Cup-eries*
Individual 14ounce cups filled with an assortment of savory and sweet goodies.
These can also be wrapped for a grab and go treat for your guests.
50 $500.00 | 100/$1000.00


Petite Quiche
Lorraine and Florentine
50 pcs/$65.00 | 100 pcs/$130.00

Spinach & Cheese Triangles
spinach, feta and savory blend of herbs wrapped in buttery phyllo.
50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00

Artichoke Cheese Bread Bites

a blend of olives, cheeses & herbs smeared on a crusty baguette,
 baked to a golden brown and cut into bite sized squares.
50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00 

Pickled Chicken Bites
Our take on a chik-fil-a nugget.
served with a dilled ranch dipping sauce.
 served on a buffet: 50/$65.00 | 100/$130.00
passed: 50/$100.00 | 100/$200.00

Our Signature
Cranberry Glazed Cocktail Meatballs *
homemade and a Bella Cucina favorite   
 50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00 

Fig & Blue Cheese Flatbreads
50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00

Roasted Olives & Burrata
roasted olives $ fresh herbs with clouds of burrata nestled in.
served with crusty slices of bread for dipping 
$75.00 | approx. 40 servings

Our Signature
Bella Stuffed Mushrooms (gf) *
stuffed with a savory blend of sausage, green onion and dried cherries.  
 50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00

Italian Sausage Bites (gf)
roasted Italian sausage bites in a classic 
 50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00 

Roasted Petite Potatoes (gf)
served with a warm beer cheese or herbed sour cream for dipping
 50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00

Happy Hour Stuffed Mushrooms
stuffed with a combination of fresh herbs, wine, garlic and cheese 
 50/$75.00 | 100/$150.00

Warm Ham & Gruyere Silver Dollars
shaved ham & gruyere cheese baked on a silver dollar roll
with a sweet onion reduction

Baked Spinach & Artichoke 
served with crostinis

Bella Burgers
mini burgers with cheese, special sauce and crispy onions
served on silver dollar pretzel rolls

Pulled Pork & French Toast Shooters

Shot glasses of pulled pork over French Toast,
drizzled with a bourbon maple syrup.
50/$125.00 | 100/$250.00

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese Cups
homemade buffalo chicken mac & cheese
served in individual little appetizer cups
50/$125.00 | 100/$250.00

"Mashed" Potato Martini Bar
creamy mashed potatoes served in a single-use martini glass.
Guests create their own masterpiece with, by adding their own toppings such as:
gravy, shredded cheese, crispy shallots, sour cream & butter.
Best executed with a server
50/$200.00 | 100/$400.00

Mac & Cheese Martini Bar

Homemade mac & cheese served in a single-use martini glass.
Guests create their own masterpiece by adding their own toppings such as:
hot cheetos, shredded cheese, salsa, hot sauce & pulled pork.
Best executed with a server
50/$200.00 | 100/$400.00

Beef Tenderloin Silver Dollars

Slow roasted tenderloin sliced and served on a silver dollar roll
with a honey mustard sauce on the side.
approx. 50-60 silver dollars | $300.00

**This item may require a minimal fee to have passed. **********************************************************************



                                             Cheesecake Bar                                               Create your own masterpiece with a cup of creamy cheesecake filling
that you top with whatever you like.
Includes: chocolate & caramel sauces, mini chocolate chips,
cherry topping and graham cracker crumbs.
40 servings/$160.00 

Biscoff Shooters

add a touch of sweetness to your event!
A buttery base topped with a creamy biscoff filling
50/$175.00 | 100/$350.00

Death by Chocolate Fondue 
served with Cream Puffs, Strawberries, Marshmallows, Pretzels & Brownie Bites.  
Warning: This is a thick, homemade combination of chocolates. 
Something this rich and decadent would never flow through a fountain!   
The fondue comes to you in plastic containers.
We suggest using a pretty silver chaffer to keep it warm.
Serves approx 50 guests.  $150.00

Serving spoons, tongs etc are NOT included with appetizer deliveries,
but can be added on for a small fee.
If you are having servers at your event,
all warmers, serving utensils, chafers and utensils ARE included

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