Luncheon/Light Dinner Menu

Choose one entree, side and salad for your entire group.
Paper goods, eating utensil packets, bread & butter and chefs choice dessert bar included
**upgrade to rolled utensils in a linen-like white napkin +.75 per guest** 

10 guest minimum for weekday lunches & 25 guest minimum for dinners and Saturdays 

$9.50 per guest

Chicken Entrees

Bourbon Glazed Chicken 
chicken breast simmering in a sweet bourbon glaze, best paired with rice pilaf.

Lemon Chicken   
chicken breast in a light lemon parmesan cream sauce, best paired with rice pilaf.

Santa Fe Lime Chicken (gf)  
seasoned with a santa fe rub, garnished with fresh salsa and served with a sour cream lime sauce.
Best complemented with spanish rice.

Our Signature 
Bella Stuffed Chicken 
chicken breast stuffed with herbs, cheeses & a butter drizzle.
Best paired with parmesan mashed potatoes.

Balsamic Glazed Chicken (gf) 
topped with roasted tomatoes and kalamata olives simmering in a balsamic glaze.
Best paired with roasted lemon potatoes.

Monterey Chicken (gf) 
seasoned and bbq'd chicken breast topped with bacon, cheese and diced tomatoes.
Best paired w/ parmesan mashed potatoes

Cranberry Chicken  
seasoned and simmering in a cranberry soy reduction.
Best paired with herb roasted or rice pilaf.

Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast best paired with parmesan mashed potatoes.

Beef/Pork Entrees

Bella Beef Burgundy 
Served with egg noodles or creamy mashed potatoes

Beef Stroganoff 
Served with egg noodles and sour cream

Homestyle Pulled Pork Sandwich 
Best paired with coleslaw or potato salad.

Pasta Entrees 
(Pasta entrees do not include a side)

Asiago Bow Tie Pasta vegetarian
Tomato, shallots and mushrooms simmering in a homemade creamy asiago pasta sauce.

Homemade Lasagna (meat, cheese or vegetable)

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese
Shredded chicken, cheeses and pasta baked in a creamy buffalo sauce.

Baked Pasta Marinara 

Portobello Pasta
a creamy marsala sauce w/ portobellos, rustic croutons and mozzarella cheese over rigatoni.

Cheese Stuffed Shells in Marinara (2 per guest) vegetarian

Homemade Mac & Cheese vegetarian

Sundried Tomato Tortellini vegetarian
Cheese tortellini baked in a rich sundried tomato cream sauce.

Great Vegan or Gluten Free Ideas:

Bella Baked Potato Bar
A large baked potato with all the toppings:
butter, sour cream, steamed broccoli, chili, salsa and cheese.
Includes bread, salad and dessert bar.

California Salad Bar
Crisp greens and a grilled chicken breast that you top yourself with:
tomato, cucumber, peppers, olives, feta cheese, zucchini, 
& pasta noodle topping.
Includes bread and a dessert bar.

Side Selections

Parmesan Oregano Mashed Potatoes *gf & vegetarian
Tri Colored Herb Roasted Potatoes *gf & vegan
Garden Rice Pilaf vegetarian
Cheddar & Garlic Mashed Potatoes *gf & vegetarian
Lemon Herb Roasted Potatoes 
*gf & vegan
Parslied New Potatoes *gf & vegetarian

Salad Selections

Our Signature 
Bella Salad (gf)                                                                           
An iceberg romaine blend topped with sliced strawberries, shredded parmesan and a homemade sweet vinaigrette dressing.

Raspberry Walnut Salad
An iceberg romaine blend topped with blueberries, tomato, parmesan cheese & sauteed walnuts then drizzled with a raspberry walnut vinaigrette.

Mandarin Orange Walnut Salad  
An iceberg romaine blend topped with sliced cucumber, mandarin orange segments, 
sauteed walnuts & a homemade celery seed vinaigrette.

Italian Salad  (gf)
An iceberg romaine blend topped with tomato, cucumber, olives, grated parmesan cheese 
and an italian dressing 

Cranberry Almond Salad (gf)
An iceberg romaine blend topped with glazed almonds, dried cranberries, shaved parmesan cheese and drizzled with a red wine vinaigrette.  

Bottled Water and canned Coke products are available at $1.00 per guest

*gf indicates the item is gluten free but know our kitchen is not certified Gluten free.

    "Cooking is a lot like love,

it should be entered into

or not at all"          -Harriet Van Horne